Articoli e paper su social network e semantic web dal W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking

Ecco la lista dei paper sul semantic web e social network che sono stati presentati al Workshop sul futuro dei social network tenutosi a Barcellona.

Using Standards to Normalize Domain Specific Metadata

The Social Web: Small Businesses / Big Solutions

Africa: A mobile frontier

Social Networking: Power to the People

Open architecture for multilingual social networking

Collaborative Filtering and Social Capital

Decentralization: The Future of Online Social Networking

Position Paper from German National Library

Different groups with share agendas

World Peace Using Social Networks

XDI Trust Information – A Trustability Protocol for Validating Distributed Information

Social Media in eGovernment

Leveraging Social data with Semantics

FOAF & SSL: creating a global decentralised authentication protocol

Security issues in the future of social networking

Accessible social networking in practice, the GDF-SUEZ experience in France

HelloWorld: An Open Source, Distributed and Secure Social Network

The mobile smoking room

Instant Feeds for Social Networks

Social Networks in Life Sciences: Defining and Enabling Appropriate Roles to Create an Atmosphere of Trust and Security

Business Context Impacts on Social Networking

Managing Social Communications Identities

Capturing, Using, and Storing Users’ Locations

The Relationship Layer and the Secretary

Mobile Eco-System: The Need for a Mobile Markup Language

Information analysis in mobile social networks for added-value services

Web 2.0 and the Visually Impaired Learners

The Future of Social Networking: Let everyone in, and remember they’re all on the move

Legal Problems of the social networks

NewBay Position Paper on Mobile Social Networking

Industry Challenges for Social and Professional Networks

Mobile Social Networking: Two Great Tastes

Trends in mobile social networking for mainstream consumers and supporting technologies required

DMM: Digital Me Management

Open Platform for Multichannel Media Distribution Management

Social Networks as a Future Geographical Data Source

Social Networks – Challenges of Ubiquitous Web Access

Position Paper from Peperoni

Current issues with Social Network Representations

Semantic enhancements for social networks

It’s all around the domain ontologies – Ten benefits of a Subject-centric Information Architecture for the future of Social Networking

Position Paper from University of Reading

Privacy-Preserving Friendship Relations for Mobile Social Networking

Rethinking digital object, Rethinking information relevance

Social TV: A new wave of Social Networking for Television

Leveraging Web 2.0 Communities in Professional Organisations

Integrating Social Networks and Sensor Networks

Sentient Computing meets Social Networking

SIOC: Content Exchange and Semantic Interoperability Between Social Networks

Social Networking Segmentation: Celebrating Community Diversity in a Framework

Beyond Eyeballs: Improving Social Networking Metrics

Social networking across

Position Paper from Telefonica

The social network behind telecom networks

A Vision of an open Platform – The Enablers Perspective

The Future of Social Networking

Identity Management in Social Networks

The Future of The Appleseed Platform

The Tangled Web We Weave

A Telecom Italia view on the future of Social networking

Privacy and Social Network Sites: Follow the Money!

Towards an OpenID-based solution to the Social Network Interoperability problem

Enabling Trust and Privacy on the Social Web

Ubiquitous, social networks in the street

Position Paper from Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid (DIT)

Position Paper from Vodafone

Tangibility in social networks – Easing interactions with social networks in mobility using proximity sensor technologies


Climbing towards trust and privacy management in social mobile communities

Tapping the Mobile Digital Tapestry: Can mobile 2.0 companies make money

Ten Theses on the Future of Social Networking

Online Presence in Social Networks

Applying an XML Warehouse to Social Network Analysis

Mobile Video Improvements to Enhance Mobile Social Networks

Via : W3C

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